Step 1: Login Via Event Website

  • Access the event website and click «LOGIN».
  • Please use the registered e-mail and dedicated password created upon registration. 
  • Should you forget the password, please click on the « Forget password » button and follow the steps accordingly.

Step 2: Scroll down after the welcome message

  • Click on «Access Streaming» to enter the session
  • You need to login to access the stream

Step 3: Features during the live

  • On the plateform, you have different features you can use

(1) For best viewing experience, please click on the blue arrow to hide the "ask your question here" box

(2) You can type your question here and click on submit it

(3) You can answer polling question here and click on submit it

  • Click on the orange icon for one to one discussion with other participants.
    • When the dot is red, the participant is not online
    • When the dot is green, the participant is online