Full Profile Phil newsome2
Prof. Phil Newsome
EASL Secretary-General
Full Profile Easl   maria reig
Prof. Maria Reig
Chair of the EASL Scientific Committee 2019
Full Profile Easl ulrich beuers 1 254x254
Prof. Ulrich Beuers
EASL Educational Councillor
Full Profile Easl maria buti 254x254
Prof. Maria Buti
EASL Policy Councillor
Full Profile Easl francesco negro 254x254
Prof. Francesco Negro
EASL Treasurer
Full Profile .angeli
Prof. Paolo Angeli
Editor in Chief - Journal of Hepatology
Full Profile J walicki
Joël Walicki
EASL Head of Publications
Full Profile Colombo
Prof. Massimo Colombo
Chairman - EASL International Liver Foundation